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May 3, 2023


Welcome to 2 Be Blunt Podcast, the unique and crazy show that takes you on an unforgettable journey. Hosted by Peezy, this episode features special guest Rodney Lienhart, the man behind Deliciously Dope TV.

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2 Be Blunt Podcast!

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Welcome to the 2 Be Blunt podcast! Join your host, Peezy, and his special guest of the night, the one and only Rodney Lienhart from Deliciously Dope TV. In this exciting podcast episode, we ditch the mundane and take a deep dive into the world of weed. 

Peezy opens up about his absence from the podcast for two weeks due to the arrival of his second child. He speaks about how cannabis has been instrumental in helping him navigate the demands of his new role as a parent. The commentary includes jokes, laughter, and references to the ongoing smoking sessions in the studio. 

The duo's conversation covers various topics ranging from new fruity wrap papers to TikTok trends and microdosing, with the speakers sharing how they take shrooms and smoke weed. They also introduce a new vocal mist which piques its listeners' interest about how it could be used for vaping or smoking. 

The highlight of the podcast is undoubtedly the fascinating conversation with Rodney, from discussing his journey as a chef to creating awesome cannabis infused content. They touch upon important topics such as emotional detachment, coping with addiction, racism, and how time flies. They aim to create unique and unbiased content that spreads truth and love towards humanity. 

Overall, this podcast episode proves to be a tantalizing mix of entertainment, education, and pure fun. Join us in our journey and tune in to 2 Be Blunt for more exciting episodes. Don't forget to follow Deliciously Dope TV and 2 Be Blunt Podcast on all platforms!






00:00 Intro In a world full of mundane podcasts, one show rises from the ashes. Critics are calling it outrageous. Podcasts, as we know it, will never be the same again. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Welcome to the show. Prepare for an epic journey where every step could be your last. The destination, a place where no maps can show. The mission, to rise above the rest. The danger, unimaginable. The reward, a shit ton of weed and laughs.

00:53 Peezy It's going to blow your mind. This is to feed blood. So sit back, turn up the volume, grab your weed, get ready to light those floods. That's right. You are tuned into the highest podcast around. It is to be blunt brought to you by to be blunt productions. And of course, America's largest cannabis only podcast network is PodConX. Tonight we are powered by of course, SayTrees. My man Goof not here tonight, but he's here in spirit. We got a big show lined up. It's been two weeks, two whole weeks that I've been out of here. I'm parental leave, but now we're back. We are back and I have a huge guest in the main event tonight coming up in a little bit. He is the man, the host of the Daily Chronicles. The man behind deliciously Dope TV. He is all the way from Michigan. Rodney Leinhardt, joining me later in the show. Don't go anywhere. You don't want to miss this. We're about to get high as fuck. This shit about to get spicy. We're going to talk about all kinds of shit, everything cannabis. This is a place to be every Thursday night. You already know. I got to fill you all in on life. Unlike the past two weeks, I've been absolutely fucking insane. And I'm tired. I'm fucking tired. There's no other way to put it. But that has not stopped me from throwing on real fucking clothes for the first time in two weeks. And sitting here with y'all, we're about to get lit. I see the chats already popping. Chelsea, I see you. Lucy in the house. Donna Taylor in the house. Everyone's getting ready. It's about to go down. Make sure you grab your weed. Get your shit together. Because you're about to get fucked up tonight. It is the highest podcast around. You already know. It's to be blunt. And you already know. Lucy said, I'm coming to CT next week. We need to sesh me. You, Kristen Mallory. Where the fuck is Kristen Mallory? That's a good question, y'all. Where's my manager Mallory? The podcast manager. It's nice that you're coming back, y'all. Because you've been gone, living life lavishly in Florida. But over here in Connecticut, things are starting to warm up. It's like motherfucking 80 degrees outside. And why did I pick today to start wearing a hat? Because it's fucking hot in the studio. Your boy is fucking melting already. Melting. Motherfucking melting. No lie. Oh, there's Kristen. There she is. So, in light of all that, you already know what time it is. You already know. We're about to get high as fuck. So make sure, make sure you grab your weed, your flour, your concentrate, your edibles, whatever you do to get to the next level, spark that shit up, and let's smoke it if you got it. Kingpom loaded. Donna Taylor, what up? I see you, finally. I was like, where's Donna? Where the fuck is Donna? And of course, you already know that Kingpom loaded. I got some Mylar OG. Some Mylar OG, which is meat, breath, cross with runts. So you already know this shit's gas. Let's take that first hit though. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. A little canoe action though. I always hate when that shit happens, yo. Brain Jerk Entertainment Company in the house. What's up? Welcome to the show. Yo, there we go. I needed to smoke so bad, yo. So bad, Donna Taylor. I was playing with my new vacuum cleaner. Listen, put that shit aside. That shit, you don't need to even play with no vacuum cleaner right now. By the time this next hour is over, you're going to be too high to even vacuum nothing. So don't even waste your time. You already know to be blunt, we smoking now. And I got to tell you, yo, my smoking schedule is fucked up. My sleeping schedule is fucked up. And everything's fucked up right now. This has been the most incredibly difficult two weeks, I think, ever, ever. As you all already know, we blasted last Thursday, but the Thursday before, I had baby number two, baby PZ number two. And ever since then, I already got one kid, two years old. So I'm like, I'm trying to fucking put life together. So it's so crazy right now. It's so crazy having two kids. They have two different sleep schedules. My wife's got to feed the baby like every two hours. We don't sleep in the same bed right now because it's too crazy. We're just, I'm like, I'm going to sleep in the same bed. I'm up from like eight to midnight. She picks up at eight midnight to like four or five. It's just, yo, I did not realize when I, when we agreed, not agreed, but we didn't, it's like we planned it, but when we had the news of baby two coming, then it was going to be like this. Basically, it's incredible. I mean, it's so rewarding, but at the same time, your boy shot. I mean, you shot, I'm not working. So I got no excuses. Literally just being around two kids is enough just to wear you down. So thank God for the savior, which is the blood because I've been smoking hella heavy, yo, hella heavy. But you got to, you almost got to just get through this shit because it's so, it's so nuts, yo. This lifestyle is crazy. Vacuum lungs. Yes. Donna's got the vacuum lungs. I've seen it. Damn, my motherfucking blood went out too. Yo, Coco, what up? TubiBlunt8603847110 That's 8603847110 I'm smoking Mylar OG. Give me a call. Let me know what's good. Let us know in the chat. Give us a call. Let us know what you're smoking on. We got a lot, a lot to cover, yo. A lot to cover. What up? What up? You got to have something to balance the crazy. That's the weed though. Isn't that right? I mean, ain't that what it is? It's the weed. The weed is there to balance you. That's that shit right there. And honestly, it's the only thing that keeps it balanced at this point. I'm waking up. I'm looking for the disposable. The one of the pens, the bong, the blunts. Honey, I'll be right back. Daddy's got to go outside real quick. I need to go sweep the driveway or some shit. You already know. Whatever the excuse might be. Whatever it is, that's exactly where we got to go. We got a whole bunch of shit going on this week in cannabis in Connecticut. We just had, does wife smoke? We just had expo canna, which was a pretty dope event that went down. Oh shit. Here we go. To be blunt, what's your name? Where you calling from?

10:52 CoGo Hey, it's Kogo. Yo, what up Kogo?

10:56 Peezy Hey, congrats on the babies. Yo, good looks. Yo, appreciate that. Oh, just wait till they turn 18. You'll be here watching a podcast just sobbing because they're 18. Listen, I don't want to think about that because I can tell you right now though, my first kid grows up. He's grown up so fast. Yo, like it's so weird how he went from needing me for everything to Mr. fucking independent in two years.

11:25 CoGo Yo, it goes so fast. So fast. They all tell you, but I'm telling you. You're right over there. I'm great. I'm just saying everyone tells you. It goes fast. I'm telling you. Fucking fast, dude. It's 18 years later already. I swear just yesterday. There's not one.

11:48 Peezy There ain't enough weed in the world to slow that shit down. Yo, no fucking lie. We need to slow time down in the world. Yo. Oh, but I picked up the new King Palm wraps. New King Palm papers. Tell me more about this.

12:07 CoGo What do you got? The papers. Which ones? I don't know. The hemp wrap one, I believe. The hemp wrap papers? I can't find them. You don't even know what you got? Yes, I do. Right here. 100% hemp. King Palm banana.

12:24 Peezy I never got those. The newest thing I got from King Palm, which I actually have, shout out to King Palm for sponsoring the show. They send me shit all the time. These natural goji wraps, yo. You try these things?

12:39 CoGo Goji. Those wraps.

12:41 Peezy Okay, that's what I'm looking for. The goji wraps is pretty crazy. Now, goji, I guess, is some type of flower. I've never heard of goji until then. And they sold me on these new types of wraps, yo. Always bringing the best all natural smoke alternatives to the smoke culture, introducing the world's first goji wraps made with 100% goji berry. So apparently it's a fucking berry? How do you explain to me how they fucking make a berry into a wrap? Someone work me through this.

13:12 CoGo Like a fruit roll-up. Like in a dehydrator.

13:15 Peezy Like a fruit roll-up? Time out. We're going to open this shit right here. Now you just sparked my interest here. This is what they look like.

13:27 CoGo That's not what it is. That would be a good idea to try. This is the goji wrap right here.

13:33 Peezy With a dehydrator option. The goji wrap, it's like orange and it's flat. And how the fuck does this come from a berry? When I peel the skin off and glue a bunch of them together? Like how the fuck does this happen? Because I don't know what that goji berry even looked like. It looks like the front of this has this picture of gojis. I got shitty light here. They look like almonds.

14:03 CoGo It looks like almonds on the wrapper.

14:05 Peezy It's going to look good while it's burning. It's orange! It's fucking orange. It looks like you're smoking a fruit roll-up. Lucy says they probably use the extracts from the fruit. Extract, I like that word. It's a super fruit.

14:25 CoGo Yeah, I don't know. So we're getting vitamins and stuff with this too?

14:30 Peezy Is this a healthy thing I can smoke? Am I going to be able to check off my daily intake of fruit and vegetables after having one of these? Because if so, I will switch exclusively to this. Chase over the V8 in an emergency. No COVID over here. No COVID on here. We smoking antioxidants. That's purely goji. I got to google this shit. I got to see what this goji berry looks like. I need to go scour my smoke shops over here for that. They sent it to me. They must have them on the website. Goji berry images. Let's see here. That's what a goji berry looks like?

15:24 CoGo It looks like fucking… Like little tomatoes. How are they taking that and making a fucking wrap? This is what I don't understand. Are those the berries they said not to eat as a kid? Those are the poison ones? They do, they look like the poison fruit berries off the bush.

15:44 Peezy Don't eat them but you can smoke them. Yeah, let me, we're good. Oh shit, what did I just do? Fuck you. See? It looks like a pile of almonds. But then if you look, it's like… Ew, this is what we're smoking? Those are balls. Like testicles.

16:05 CoGo Oh no, don't zoom in on it. Oh god.

16:09 Peezy They're smoking goji balls. Oh god, Lucy said she sent me a pic to my inbox. Let's see what this motherfucker looks like. It can't be worse than what you're already doing.

16:21 CoGo Lucy's a chef. Everyone's going to see all my shit.

16:25 Peezy I'm on the screen. It's fine, I got nothing to hide here. Let me see here. No, it's not here. What does she mean?

16:35 CoGo It's not in my messages. Well, what do we have open here, Peezy?

16:39 Peezy Nothing fancy, I'll tell you that. Business, yo. I posted a pretty good one earlier. Straight business, yo. Oh, here it is, goji berry. Here it is, see? This motherfucker, first of all, this is the smallest fucking picture of all time. How the fuck am I supposed to put this on the internet, yo?

16:59 CoGo Oh, well, don't, I mean, I'd say walking up to a bush like that, I would be like, let's not smoke those.

17:07 Peezy But King Pab's like, let's make them into a rep. Let's make this smokeable. This I don't understand, yo. I'd probably be like, don't touch it. It looks like prunes, Lucy says. Donna says, thank God I'm a country girl. What does being a country girl, Donna, have to do with this?

17:29 CoGo Eating random berries and what? Bullshit! If she's out in the country,

17:35 Peezy she's probably got all kinds of crazy berries around her fucking house and some shit.

17:41 CoGo Raccoons and…

17:43 Peezy Out in the country, we don't call them goji. I love you, Donna. That's, that's damn fruit testicles. And instead of fruit rollup, it's a nut rollup, yo. He says, you don't eat the red, the red, the red holly berries. That's the one, the holly berries. Holly. This has gone so off the rails right now. I have no clue what we're talking about anymore. We went from, we went from we went from kids to smoking antioxidants.

18:19 CoGo We were inviting a second child back into the, or not back, I mean into the world. And now we're talking about

18:25 Peezy just berry balls. Donna says, I can see you guys smoking a fruit rollup. Listen, next week I'll roll one of these motherfucking goji berries. I've already obviously opened it. We'll roll another, we'll smoke a fruit rollup next week, yo.

18:41 CoGo Oh, like the mochi balls

18:43 Peezy with some wheat in there. I will even, I will even put I will even have on the side here, a cup of emergency and a V8 to chase it with.

18:55 CoGo So I'm gonna- I will second that, cause if anyone remembers on TikTok when that was a trend.

19:03 Peezy What, wait, what was the trend? Emergency. Oh yeah, yeah, they used to say that emergency would get you higher, yo. You drink the emergency and then you smoke and you were supposed to be getting more lit, you know, more lit, like just like eating a mango or something. The vitamin C that

19:21 CoGo boosts you. That was the morning routine.

19:23 Peezy That was the quarantine routine. That was the quarantine routine. You wake up, you smoke, you have your fucking your V8 and then you have your emergency and you take maybe like one of them you know, vitamin C pills to top yourself off, yo. A little top off and

19:43 CoGo you be good, yo. Well see now we gotta put the goji in there.

19:47 Peezy Now you add the goji to it. Now you have a complete motherfucking breakfast. Y'all won't need to worry about getting no, you know, bacon, egg, and cheese and nothing. Listen, you don't need- fuck your oatmeal, fuck your parfait, fuck all that fucking healthy ass shit, fuck your kale, fuck your avocado toast. Let me tell you what, this is all you're gonna motherfucking need. A pack of these goji berry things, a fucking, go to CVS, pick up some emergency, hop right down, take your fucking left around the corner, hit up the grocery store, grab a pack of V8 and you're golden. That is the motherfucking breakfast of champions. Boom. Mike, swap. Mike, drop, yo. My Twitch says you aren't live, I see it on Facebook. Oh, you know what? That's funny because I don't actually see that I'm live on Twitch either. Can I, can I start a show like mid, let me see if I just boop? I just booped my Twitch. Now Twitch is starting 24 minutes late. We all good, y'all. I'm glad Facebook user which honestly I have no clue who it is because this is Facebook user. Bruh. You gotta go register. Go to StreamYard.com slash Facebook and put, and let it see your name so I know who the fuck you is. Make it a good smile. Come on. I don't even know who you are, yo. Donna says I've discovered the secret

21:13 CoGo to eternal life. That might be it. Yeah. We, I mean, this we survived the quarantine with

21:23 Peezy this recipe right here. That's it, y'all. It's all you really need is that one recipe. And I'll tell y'all right now you'll be good. Just get your goji, get your V8, get your fucking vitamin C. And you're good, yo. And then after that you do me one favor. Shut the fuck up. And we can start the motherfucking day. Oh no. Oh no. My screen is buffering. Oh, I'm back. That probably isn't a good sign. Oh, so the awkward awkward ginger. That's why she don't show the Facebook registered. I don't think that concoction will even cure COVID. That concoction will cure more than COVID. That is going to save lives around the world, yo. Well, you're welcome. Yeah. Well, exactly. You're welcome. For me, I would have never had that idea.

22:29 CoGo From our, from our to be one family

22:31 Peezy to yours. That's right. We just gave you guys the ultimate, the ultimate live forever hack. It's a life hack, yo. It's a motherfucking life hack right there. Goji, V8, vitamin C. Next week I'll be busting that shit out, yo. All right, Kogo. Thanks for calling in, homie. All right. And congrats again. Appreciate that. To be blunt, you already know we're going to take a quick break when we come back. Rodney Lyon Herb, deliciously dope TV, joining us. Don't go anywhere. It's the highest podcast around. You already know it's To Be

23:13 Song Blunt. First you get the money. Then you get the loud pack. Then haters come fast. Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it.

23:37 Peezy Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it. Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it. Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it. Man rules everything around me. Roaches in the tray, haters got a lot to save. Stone woke, got my face, haters gonna hate. I can smoke up all your weed in a single day. I got jaws, I got bags, I got pounds of hey. Full bag, I ain't come to brag. Higher than a plane, feeling like I'm jet lagged. Watch me smoke a dime, bring that bag back to me. Keep those thickin' seats gone off the sour D.

24:07 Song I need that loud quickly. First you get the money. Then you get the loud pack. Then haters come fast. Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it.

24:23 Peezy Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it. Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it. Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it. Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it. Burn it, burn it, burn it. I'm getting packed shit from Cali, that's a Cali pack. Light green with the trikes, yeah I'm down with that. Surrounded by a bunch of trees, that's my habitat. Tired of these fucking wannabe copycats. I'm back, I bet you thought that I would never make it. Now I'm reaching for the brass ring, watch me take it. I'm finna make it to the top, you just gonna fake it. I'm watching money grow on trees so I'm finna shake it. My lyrics get you so high you got anxiety. Give me all the weed you got, I like variety. Stayin' high all day, fuck sobriety. I'm in the upper echelon, high society.

25:07 Song First you get the money. Then you get the loud pack. Then haters come fast. Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it. Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it.

25:22 Peezy Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it. Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it. Burn it, burn it, burn it. Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it. Warning. Watching this show might give you contact high. And now, ladies and gentlemen, it's To Be Blunt with Peezy. Yes sir, To Be Blunt! It's about to go down. It's time to bring in my very special guest for tonight. He is the host of The Daily Chronicles, which if you check last week's episode out, I was on his show, so you already know. You gotta check that out. Also deliciously dope TV, my man, Rodney, Lionheart in the building. What's up, brother? What you got there? Bro, you muted yourself. You have muted yourself. I fixed it. That was terrible.

26:54 Rodney Lienhart Listen, you get to the end and you trip. What's up, man? No, we were so close and then all of a sudden you were right. I got a good explanation, though. What's that? I am crossfaded as fuck right now. Crossfaded. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So like fuck drinking. That's cool. That was back in the day. But before we get into all that, I want to say thank you for having me on the show. Dude, I was the whole time. Holy shit, this show, I've been sleeping on this.

27:22 Peezy I won't even lie to you, but like damn, it's hype as hell. Hell yeah. Yes, sir. You already know we got to redo the intro.

27:30 Rodney Lienhart Oh yeah. No, man, I took a bunch of shrooms. Wait, what? And then I smoked a bunch of weed. Wait, what?

27:37 Peezy And so we're here. Time out. So you're telling me that you right now, how much? Wait, let's let's rewind this a little bit. All right. First question we're going to kick this off with is what time do you start taking shrooms? And how much have you taken so far today? So I started micro dosing as of late. I love micro dosing, by the way. I'm a big advocate. I get I get I get them sent to me. My cousin works out of Oregon. He fills up like capsules for me, bro, like pre measured out capsules. And I can just pop them and I saw it, dude. And it's so amazing. And it's so easy. And as you know, you don't get like I hate the taste of shrooms. I do. I love shrooms. I hate the taste of shrooms. So yeah, this was like a God sent to me. But not to cut you off. Go ahead. So let's get back to you.

28:26 Rodney Lienhart So you did. I was just trying to hang on to what I was thinking because like, yeah, good luck with that. If I cut you off, it's a rat brawl. No, it's still there. You just got to reach into the fucking soup. You just don't. You know, it is what it is. Don't use your hands as hot, bro. I've used my hands in hot places and even times that I probably shouldn't. But no, man. So like instead of measuring it out accurately, I just wanted to kind of throw caution to the wind. I mean, I shrooms aren't going to hurt you. You know, the worst I'm going to ingest is an entire eighth at a time. You know, that's what for. Right. And then I just kind of break that down accordingly, you know, and eat a chunker here in there and then you forget you eat that chunk and you end up eating four or five of them and it's a great day. So again, how much have you done now? Did you actually surpass that eighth because you saw that you had quite a few chunks. So I almost finished it off today and I started it yesterday.

29:23 Peezy So I'm feeling pretty good. Dude, so this is going to be quite the interesting interview then. Oh, yeah, no, absolutely.

29:30 Rodney Lienhart The biggest issue that I'm having right now, the main in my existence, if you will, is and you'll have to excuse the, you know, raspiness in my voice. I took a pretty hot dab hit before the show. So we're dealing with it, but we're doing good. And yeah, man, dude, like I said, hype as hell. Like, you know, seriously, though, the music that you make is just it's so base heavy and I love it. We need more of it, dude. It is, dude.

30:06 Peezy It is. I'm a bit listen. That's because my background in music is like dirty south hip hop. And that was so fucking heavy on the bass, bro. So like that's my shit. And that's the shit that gets me moving. And if I'm plowing through beats, I'm trying to find something and I find something with a bass line that's just like, oh,

30:25 Rodney Lienhart bum bum bum bum bum. And I'm like, yep, I'm in. I'm a huge fan of metal. You know, and then when you hit those low growls, it's the similar, you know what I'm saying? It's kind of reminiscent of that. I used to be in a metal band, bro. Baseline, too, used to be in a metal.

30:42 Peezy Yeah, I used to love doing the screens, bro. But I'm still not my voice could never handle that, bro. Can you imagine doing that shit like every fucking night, bro? Imagine guys like bands like ACDC or Guns N' Roses and their singers have like the real raspy, you know, like, you know, what the fuck you are? You know, you got to talk like that all fucking night, bro. Like, what the fuck? I would be I'd be shot, bro. I'd have a raspy voice, too. But you know what else compares to that? Hot dab, hot dab. Yep. Hot dab.

31:09 Rodney Lienhart That's it. Just hot. So they have a thing and this isn't I'm not sponsored by this. I actually want to I'm asking this to see if anybody's used it. But my buddy and artifice Scotty told me and it put me onto this thing and I love his opinion and I'm going to purchase one, you know, based off of this. But I'm just curious what other people think, too. Right. More reviews are better, better. Has anybody used this thing called a vocal mist? Now, from what I understand, it's like a mini nebulizer that you can get for podcasters, singers, you know, and the like. I'm sure if you have a really good, you know, only fans as well, you probably need this, you know, in your repertoire and you can write it off in your taxes and your business. But the fact is, get your money. But in getting said money, purchase a vocal mist and tell me what you think about it. I want to know, like, what the fuck does that even do? What's a vocal mist? So it's like you should look it up. Like, you should look it up real quick. You do that. Look it up. Like vocal mist dot com. Vocal mist. Like, I'm not trying to sell this. Like a mist, like a mist of rain, like mist. Yeah. Yeah. Like mist. Vocal mist dot com, yo. Is not a real website. This is a good topic of discussion.

32:16 Peezy Not a real website, bro. You failed. Yeah, no. It's not a website. It's not? No. Hang on. Hang on, man. I was going to Google vocal mist portable. Here we go. Here we go. My vocal. Dude. Hold on. Time out. OK. This is interesting here. So what the fuck is that, bro? What is this thing?

32:34 Rodney Lienhart It's like an inhaler? It's like a heavy nebulizer, is what I think. It's like an inhaler? No. Well, sort of. I mean, like, you know, look it up. You know, keep looking there. I mean, you don't have to go shopping or anything, but like, you know, look into it. That's just one picture. There you go. See?

32:48 Peezy A fast…wow, yo. Yeah. Can I smoke out of that thing? Because that would be dope.

32:54 Rodney Lienhart I didn't ask them that. I literally was like, hey, is this cool? And they're like, of course it is. And then, you know, there's that.

33:00 Peezy You get me a device like this I can carry around and burn with, bro? Like a flower vape of some kind with this fucking thing. And I will buy that shit like today, right now in my cart, yo. We have the technology. We got to do something like this where we can put pods in that sumbitch, bro. I mean, yeah. But at the same time, that's not why I wanted it.

33:14 Rodney Lienhart You wanted it what? For the hot dabs? Yeah, bro. I feel like if you take a hot dab and like you hit this thing afterwards, boom, you're good to go. Like it won't fuck you up. It lubricates your vocal cords. It lubricates your vocal cords. It lubricates your vocal cords. It lubricates your vocal cords.

33:28 Peezy It lubricates your vocal cords. It lubricates your vocal cords.

33:32 Rodney Lienhart But listen, I'm only talking about this to distract the fact that I fucked up the intro and I'm sorry. I was on mute. I'm sorry.

33:38 Peezy I was on mute. Say love you. Why would I need this if I had an only fans page? Why would I need this if I had an only fans page? Well, there's reasons. No, I want to know what these reasons are though. You can't leave me on a cliffhanger.

33:52 Rodney Lienhart Think about it. Put two and two together here. Let's read about this.

33:58 Peezy I'm trying to. If I knew two and two, I wouldn't need to ask you why the fuck I need one of these for the only fans page. Well, if it's going to lubricate your throat and it's going to relax your throat muscles, you're going to, you know, some people use those. Okay, see that you just, I just put that, you did the math for me right there. I went right over my head, yo.

34:14 Rodney Lienhart Right over my head. Well, you know, they know about it and if they can, hey listen, if they can give a better performance and you make more money from that and you take care of your kids and pay your fucking mortgage, dude, buy your vocal mist, by all means. Get your money.

34:28 Peezy Just do your taxes, right? I think we're onto something here because everyone's commenting how great of an idea this is, bro. Well, we can turn this into a smoking device, you know, that also lubricates your vocal cords.

34:40 Rodney Lienhart I can't talk about that or anything, but I can tell you that like, you know, I'm really interested in this and this is what I'm looking into.

34:46 Peezy Like this has got my attention right now. Imagine using this, yo, to help when you take a hot dab or before you're about to do, you know, a hot dab or some shit. Or podcast. Or podcast. I don't know. I don't need to, I don't need to moisturize my vocal cords to do this. I just come in and I start yelling like this like it's fucking WrestleMania.

35:04 Rodney Lienhart That's where I put myself. I love that though. But like for me, I'm much more like, you know, not trying to sound like shit. Yeah. I'm not saying you sound like shit. You sound great. I don't want to sound like shit. And I feel like I sound like shit and I'm sorry. But again, it was just a deflection from the terrible interview.

35:22 Peezy I am sorry. It's not terrible yet. You can still redeem yourself. Oh, I'm trying to. We're getting there. So Rodney, my man, yo, let's introduce the people to you. Tell the people more about you, your show. Let's get, let's get this thing popping and familiarize my audience with who you are and what you do and why you do it. We're going to cover all that ground. I want to know.

35:46 Rodney Lienhart Yeah. Yeah. So, uh, hi, my name is Rodney. Um, some people know me as chef Rodney. Some people know me as asshole. Pick your moniker. Um, I started a few years back through, you know, just doing things, right? I don't even really know how to tell to say that just kind of happened for me. You know, um, in doing things, I met some very interesting people and started aligning with some very interesting perspectives in life. And I thought that, you know, all, you know, everybody thinks that their life is special. And it is, it is hear me out. But I think that I live in a very, you know, decently, I wouldn't say niche, but unique perspective in life. I have a lot of like well-known friends and that's not what I mean. And that sounds fucking terrible. I don't get it. What I'm saying is, you know, these, they're doing fucking amazing things, dude. They're all awesome, you know, and I'm gaining more friends and I'm seeing more friends. And, you know, at a point in my life when I should be losing friends, it's like I'm making more. I'd like to know what the hell the hell that's even about first and foremost. And secondly, like, you know, I created the Daily Chronicles and deliciously dope because like I was really into like cannabis as it had just prior, you know, just saved my life damn near. Right. Right. You know, I don't drink anymore due to weed. So it's like, I got to say thank you. I got to give back. I got to, you know, there's a community there that I kind of owe something to because I feel like I fucking. You guys had to deal with a lot of shit when I was coming up, right?

37:19 Peezy We all kind of crazy coming up rolling. I like for me, like I know I had a pretty reckless, like 20s the entire like the entire 20s was absolutely ridiculously reckless. And I probably shouldn't even be sitting here right now based on how reckless it was. Yeah. You know what I mean? But I have survived and here we are. And here we are. But I got to say, I mean, everybody kind of everybody's like for me, my 20s was nuts. And I know a lot of people I knew had like the dark times before the light. You know what I mean, bro? And like we all went through it. We all went through it. And cannabis really helped so many people overcome that. You know what I mean? For me, it was more having a kid because I would just smoke a weed and do it. Everything else I wanted to.

38:07 Rodney Lienhart But like that's what kind of changed my life around. You know, that's included in everything. And I mean, that's a very broad stroke of what actually happened. Like you're saying, I just wasn't trying to, you know, lamented nauseam to people. You know, I'm writing it down. I like a good story. And yeah, yeah, that we're putting that on paper and I'm going to write a book, man. It's going to write a book. Dude, I've been working on the same fucking book for like the last three or four years. You know, I'll get really into it when it when it strikes. I'll write some amazing shit. I'll create amazing shit and then I'll do mushrooms and forget about it for two months. You know, so is this going to be one of those situations today where you forget about this for two? We just start about it. So here we go. But I also find that, you know, times of like mitigated lunacy actually tend to reveal a lot of truth about oneself. Introspectively and in doing so, I'm able to figure out, you know, how to circumnavigate, you know, the tautology of life and generalize a unique perspective through experience of emotions in the, you know, angle and lens of how I see the world, which is, I think, pretty cool. It's not jaded by money. It's not jaded by, you know, viewers and followers and shit.

39:29 Peezy It's just, you know, food, man, you know, let's let's let's let's cover it. Let's let's go back into this love for food. Where did this start? Because you started off saying that you were a chef and the conversations we've had prior to leading up to this interview, we've talked about your love like Anthony Bourdain and all these other and all this other stuff. So like like just walk me through how where this love for cooking come from that you are known as chef.

39:55 Rodney Lienhart I. My mom. I mean, that's that's the truth of it. As any would would sit here and say, you know, oh, you know, I'm the spitting image of what you would want to see or what every food network star is, you know, tattooed, you know, didn't have any real life troubles or any of that. And, you know, the story about their mom or their aunt or someone having cook, you know, that is all true. And yes, it's very generic, but mine's pretty interesting for the undertones. But we don't talk about that, will we? Anyway, so I grew up in the South. All right. My mom had a restaurant and we. So if you're looking at Tennessee, you got national to the north and Jackson to the south is right in the fucking middle of both. OK, I grew up in a you know, my first memories were in to this day. We're in a town called Mackenzie, Tennessee. Funny enough, that's round about where Artifice is from. So you guys kind of get the idea of where we're going with this. But like, you know, as the years would go by, you know, the restaurant fade away, it's not even a fucking, you know, fun memory to even people down there. They, you know, the people that would have known are long since forgotten. So it's like reaching back for something and I'll never be able to actually go back in time. So, you know, and why is that important? Because nowadays, if you have a favorite show from the 90s, you can go to YouTube and find it and watch it. You're able to pick that up and find it somewhere because someone had, you know, a love for it. A lot of people had a love for this, but no one's sharing these stories. No one's saying anything. It's just gone. Right. Right. And so it's just a relic from my past that I want to bring forward. And there's a lot of lessons now. Yo, things are really fucking hairy, really hairy right now in the South. Okay. Like, holy shit. Now, my point is you think they're bad now. They were worse back when I was growing up. We're talking early 90s. Okay. We're not even going to talk. We're going to skip that part. I'm really interested. I want to hear more about this. Oh, it wasn't fucking good, bro. Like I remember seeing like segregation happened before my eyes and it'd be socially acceptable or like just the way things are. Or like not understanding what it was. Right. And so, you know, looking back on that is very rough, you know, but I don't I don't want to bother people with that. I don't want to I don't want to change that. My point is like, you know, learning how to cook and then learning how to become a fucking man or become a fucking person. Period. Right. You draw inspiration from these things that you've learned, but you have to go back and fix this shit because it ain't right. Right. And so like, you know, to sit back and say that I learned the perfect way to do shit, man, I didn't I didn't do nothing. You know, I grew up, we moved to Michigan and I just started cooking to try and get closer to my mom because she was always as distant. And then, you know, she passed away. So I was like, well, keep doing that. Then, you know, keep cooking. That's kind of like your way to to like remember her or like, yeah, you know, that's awesome. That's sick, man. My way through like fucking eating food, if you will. You know, I like that. The bad. Yeah, that type of thing. Because here's the thing. Like, yeah, it's my story by all means. Cliche. Yeah, but it's fucking cool. Like, and of course, I'm going to say that. But like, it really is like introspective to like because I mean, if you really look at it, I was kind of doomed from the start. And I've reflected on that like many times. But at the end of the day, that doesn't necessarily like mean you're going to be doomed. You know, like, I don't know. I just want to be like another Auburn American rich kid. I guess I'm just joking. But that's the joke of the nature. Like, you know, I don't worry about followers, money, you know, all that. I just I'm just like, yo, this shit's cool. And then guess what? It actually is. So you you you learn how to cook became chef and you actually like like work the restaurants and all that too. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I left that part out. Sorry. So, yeah, like that's all I've ever really known. I've tried to do other things. I've moved on to doing, you know, a few other things. I don't cook all the time now. As much as I would love to sit here and tell you that, oh, I make every now. That's not fucking true. If I don't have to cook something, I love that food. I don't care what it is. It could be literally it could be absolute dog shit. And I might actually eat it if I didn't have to cook it. The point is, I've slaved my life away behind the stove. You know, I know that, you know, a dull knife isn't going to get you anywhere fast in life and that everybody should know how to fucking sharpen theirs or keep fucking up until you do. You know, and that's the point. We need we need someone to kind of just steer this generation of people who are just fucking lost food wise. You don't believe me? OK, well, look at the lines of Chick-fil-A. Look at the lines of McFuckface. Look at the lines of the burger twat. You know what I'm saying? Come on. Come on. You're going to sit here and tell me that none of those people are interested in saving money. Horseshit. OK, not to mention, I will tell you this, they're all got fucking, you know, guts full of terrible, terrible shit. They're obese as shit and then put them in the kitchen. They'll sink. You know, so it's like, I don't want to hear you talking shit because as much as you don't think so, those people making your burgers like fast food or not, they deserve a raise.

45:25 Peezy I hear that. I hear that. Let me let me ask you a question, though. Right. We talked about how, you know, we had, you know, we were crazy, then we had to overcome something to get, you know, back to normal and shit. Now, coming up, being a chef, being also crazy now, wouldn't you say that?

45:45 Rodney Lienhart And I've heard this from a lot of people that's what a clarify some things. I'm not trying to judge anybody, but the kitchen environment can be quite toxic. Yes. So that's also another little point that I actually pride myself in. To bluntly ask you a question, if we're going to be blunt as to the name, please do. Yes, I was a toxic individual. However, let's break it down real quick. I'm going to kind of brush through it real quick because it is a multilayered question and I do appreciate it. And it's very good for people to know this and understand and mitigate, you know, these these avenues because they're new. Can you be a recovering narcissist or, you know, a recovered narcissist? Yeah, it's all in mindset because and here's why people that would say no would argue. And then as soon as they argue that that places you in a box. See my point? So once it places you in a box, that's all you're going to ever be to that person. So that person, those people need to see you in a better light in order for you to do better. They have to truly want that in order to do that. You have to let go of the transgressions and things like that. That being said, we're finding out that alcohol ruins a lot of things. Well, yeah. So so much so that people who used to make millions making alcohol now have switched to completely making non-alcoholic beverages. OK, so let's just say that, you know, that's true. Moving on from that, I was a terrible, huh? Terrible, very terrible alcoholic. Terrible, very terrible alcoholic. That's that's, you know, that's a very, very, very.

47:29 Peezy I can relate, though. I can't say 100 percent relate to you, dude. Let me let me explain to you something. This is this is how much not to try to shine more light over here. But but like to do it because I feel like we cross we have like similar paths. Oh, I'm talking to you right now. You just remind me so much, dude. Like for me, do you think I had such a bad drinking problem? Like I was out at the bar every fucking night to the point where everybody downtown would call me the hand captain. When I walk into a bar, the hand captains here, that would just they call me the hand captain because I go to the bar. I'll go hard as a motherfucker. So they will call me. And that was I used to think that was a cool thing. You know what I mean? Like I used to think that I was the shit. And now I look back and I'm like, God damn, not even close. What was I like? What was I thinking? You know what I mean?

48:19 Rodney Lienhart So, you know, I want to, you know, looking at the alliteration of the entire ordeal like from, you know, because I've written my book, you know, I have. I'm just putting it in order. That's the truth. And so in doing so, one of chronologically speaking, you would see if you're familiar with three hundred, that's a good way to look at it, because we, you know, we went to war as chefs do. Correct. And growing up in the time that we did. Absolutely. And I, for some reason, you know, yeah, I may have taken a shot to the eye or something happened, but I don't know what point it was decided that I was the one that would come back and tell the story. You know, and I think that, again, you know, it's a relic of the past for some people, but it's really important for, you know, this whole generation of people in our generation, man, let's talk about it. You know, they're getting dumped back into society. We're losing chef jobs. We just got eviscerated with covid. There's a huge need for what I do. Huge need for weed. And I figured fucking mix the two and have some fun with it. And then you get deliciously dope in the Daily Chronicle.

49:24 Peezy So let's talk about how we transition from that actually to deliciously dope TV. Now, obviously there's a marriage of cannabis and and and food, which is awesome. But how did you also get into the back end of that? You know, doing the video stuff, video editing, all that shit, man. Like I've seen the videos you've done. I've seen the work you've done and it's fucking dope. And I'm just how did you transition from the chef life to saying, you know what? I'm done with this life. I need to do something different. I love smoking weed. I love fucking talking. I love food. What can I do to put it together? How did this all blend?

50:03 Rodney Lienhart You know, there isn't see, listen, first and foremost, I'm going to put it this way. You know, the recipe was there. OK, OK. No pun intended. Similar to a recipe. All I did was my research and development, man. I love what you what people aren't seeing is fucking years of struggle, years of dedication, years of putting in the fucking work. You ain't seeing that because I don't want you to see it. You need to see it. And even if you did see it, you wouldn't know what the fuck you're looking at. OK, so those people are right off the bat. We were just going to not even deal with that. But the fact is I put in the time, I put in the effort. I had questions that let's face it, at a time of covid, everyone's going to charge me to answer. So you just learn yourself, you know. So would you say it's about the time where you started transitioning into doing right about right about I was I stepped away, you know, from the kitchens because of covid. You know, we don't really have to talk about what happened. No, we don't. No, absolutely not. We know. But then after that, I I got put onto a show out of Boston and did some time on that show and found, hey, this is pretty neat. You know what I'm saying? Like, people like this shit, right? This whole world of content creation. And but I didn't want it to be, you know, particularly mind numbing while entertaining, you know, content that anyone could mimic. I didn't want to be able to be copied by chat, Gbt. You know what I'm saying? Right. That that there's a certain je ne sais quoi to that. And in docu-series, all the boring things. That's me. You know, that's I loved these things. And it's I feel that there's there's a lack thereof, you know, you know, of these types of views and stuff and these kind of I don't want to say like non-biased views, but I'm just looking for the truth. You know, I'm not out here like truth seekers looking for fucking, you know, ghosts and aliens and UFOs. You know, that should exist. Fuck it. I want to find something that is rare than that. You ready? Love for another human being. OK, I'm talking complete stranger. I'm talking can you walk up anywhere in the world? Can you walk up and just hug a random human being and say, I love you and walk away?

52:20 Peezy No, you cannot. No, you cannot. I mean, look at these. Perfect example. There was a YouTuber this past week who was, you know, you know, they do like the pranks out on the Taliban. I don't want me. I don't know about that's what it was, but he was out on the street.

52:35 Rodney Lienhart Exactly what happened. OK, he was the English person. You talking about that guy? I thought about the YouTuber who was out running a prank on the streets and was going, oh, no, no, no. We're talking with two different things. We are. I was like, oh, man, I'm like, where did this go? You didn't hear you didn't hear about that, though, did you? No, absolutely not. OK, well, then shit. Let's tell you tell yours first. Sorry, my bad. All right.

52:58 Peezy And I'll tell you mine. Well, there was a YouTuber who was out. They were doing a prank and I want to see, you know, you watch those videos when you're watching like a bunch of reels and there's like the guys who are sitting on the street or walk up to somebody and be like, you know, you want to you want to get capped. And it's always the guy gets all pissed off. And all of a sudden it's like he's got like a bottle cap for, you know, you want to get, you know, it's some dumb shit. Well, apparently there was a YouTuber making a prank and he was downtown from where he was, you know, from in Virginia. And he was running on the streets and he was doing his prank on the people and he found the wrong guy and the fucking dude shot him in the stomach. You. Shot him in the stomach. OK, that's pretty bad, too. You know what I mean? You can't just walk up to people. This is a pure example. And imagine hugging someone in the band. You get shot, bro. OK, done. This is a dead ass, bro. Yeah. In the hospital right now, dude survived so far from what I read. But like, dude, that's a pure example of where you were saying. But let's hear your story, because I feel like you yours has Taliban involved. It's got to be way crazier than my shot. The fuck are you talking about?

54:07 Rodney Lienhart I forget the gentleman's name, but he's also a YouTuber. But his whole YouTube thing is going into places you're not supposed to go. Right. Right. And he fucking got caught and picked up by the Taliban.

54:19 Peezy Oh, no. So that. No. See, you know, they always got those those videos of people who were fucking like, you know, I love the ones that people go in like an abandoned buildings and shit. And they're like, you know, they they film that shit and then they get caught. Sometimes shit like this.

54:39 Rodney Lienhart Well, you know, there's that. I love the the the lack of, you know, fuck around and find out involved. Sometimes eventually, given your career, but you went into places you weren't supposed to go into and finally got caught.

54:54 Peezy That is the epitome of fuck around and find out. That's also true. It is the day of imagine fucking around to find out, get caught by the fucking Taliban, bro. Imagine getting shot in the fucking stomach. True. You know, I would definitely try to talk my way out of that shit, though. Right. Yeah. You all probably got brick weed.

55:14 Rodney Lienhart I got some gas at home. Let's do a trade. We're good. I mean, that's fair. But like, you know, try that civil. Like, it's one thing to be like, hey, my man, like, you know, try and say something. I was just trying to say, like, nowhere in the world, like, are we I wouldn't even say intimate enough. I would say emotionally connected anymore. Like, we've been desensitized because of covid. Right. And so like trying to come around and like, I wouldn't say necessarily give people a hug, but like talk about just the daily rigmarole. You know, we don't have that kind of shit. And the belief, you know, the beautiful thing is like, let's face it here in America, our food is absolute shit unless you know what you're doing. That's the truth. That goes with it. Yeah. You got to know what you're doing. Right. Well, let's put it this way. I can I can I got a picture. I'll send you some time. It's a simple just plate of toast, but I made the butter and I made the bread.

56:07 Peezy That's the pride in that you want to send me the picture of your toast. Yeah. I don't want to say to you right now, but I'll send you a picture of my toast. But that's what I want to send it to. So I'll send it right now. Oh, shit. All right. Let me see this toast. Let's let's prove your chef's guys by seeing if this plate of toast with fucking churned butter.

56:30 Rodney Lienhart And what was the last thing? Handmade bread, handmade bread, handmade butter. Let's see where we're going. Yeah. This is all over the place, by the way. Oh, it's welcome to Sherm's. You said it to me and a day. Yeah, it's on you. It's on your face page on the face page. Perfect. Yeah. I don't know. Facebook. It's face page face page. All right. Let's see. We're going to pull this up. I mean, it might just be toast, but that's the point. A lot of people can't make can't even make toast and that would surprise you.

56:59 Peezy Well, we're going to we're going to find out here what this looks like. I'm pulling it up right now. We've got to get the the the the viewer critic here of the toast. All right. It's just toast.

57:11 Rodney Lienhart All right. This is the debut of the toast. Yo, the debut of toast. That's it. That's it. This is this is this is this is the toast. Yeah. But listen to this. So that toast right there. And here's the beautiful part. That's all handmade entirely. We're talking I made my own butter. I made the bread. OK. That plate as it sits toast is better than 85 percent of the plates that I have seen produced in the last fucking three years. So, yeah, it's just toast. But that's my point. I'm just picturing people tune into the show for the first time. Look at the screen. It's just a piece of bread. I'm sorry. Is it get after it. That's what I'm saying. That's a damn good looking piece of toast. Hashtag to be toast. I like I like it was awkward ginger. Yeah. Yeah. I love that song. We need that song. There it is. That's a song that is. Yes, it is a song.

58:31 Peezy This is a perfect piece of toast. Thank you. It's it's it's it's beautiful. Beautiful. Thank you.

58:39 Rodney Lienhart It's a piece of toast. Yeah, it is. The fact that we've put this much in it just a piece of toast. I'm proud of that. And you're absolutely right. This is the first time people have seen your work. Do your toast. This is the baby for debut world. Yeah, I've never really made my own toast beforehand. Viewership has dropped tremendously just now. I just want to say that people are just like wow toast. It's toast. I'm only kidding. Oh, I know. But that's the thing. Like, you know, now here's the best part. So imagine if you were to put like, I don't know, you have that with like your own bacon that you've made and you've made everything. Farm fresh eggs from raising your own chickens like man, did you know that there's over 50 ingredients sometimes in a loaf of bread from the store and there's only five ingredients in the one I just made? No, about that. Yeah. Well, you might want to do some Googling because that's the truth. Also, did you know that the store made mayonnaise actually has a fucking like preservative in it? I forget. It's like 80 H.A. or something. I am not a fan of mayonnaise. Like I do not. Well, regardless. But if you so OK, let's take butter. Let's just talk something simple. Let's talk butter. I love butter. But if you have if you have two cups of heavy whipping cream and you whip it on high and like your KitchenAid or some shit or really, really hard, just really fast for a little bit, you will come up with two products after this to buy products or you can actually make three. One, you stop it after a few minutes. You've made an amazing fucking whipped cream. Add a little bit of sugar, you know, a little bit of whatever. Colors are fun. You got amazing whipped cream. You keep going. Don't add anything. Just keep going. You will end up making buttermilk and butter. Three things from one thing at the store. Excuse me. You're going to need to know that. That's my point. That's that. I didn't realize that. That's how that was processed. Right. So if that's the case, that means that for the butter, I make that shit out of heavy whipping cream. All right. And then I made the bread out of the flour, the fucking milk, everything like that. Put a little honey in a little maple sugar because you've got to have that sweetness life. All right. Boom. Right there. So that piece of toast made by hand. I automatically blew away everything that I've ordered from, you know, a couple takeout places and restaurants that I've eaten in the last three years. And that's not saying fucking good things at all. I mean, it was an impressive piece of toast. I appreciate it. And that's the point though. But at the, if I'm being, you know, completely, you know, myself here, bro, it was just a piece of toast. But yo, I made that toast. And that's it. That's as much as I put into it. So many doesn't like toast. Fuck them. I don't really care. I like English muffins. You know, you like bagels. You can make those too. I'm just saying make your own food. Yeah. No, I mean, absolutely make your own food. That's the way to do it. But I don't have a cheeseburger is just a cheeseburger. I don't have the skills though for that. You know what I mean? Well, those are what if I told you, man? It's easy, bro. Seriously. I promise you, man. If you go buy you a little bit of fucking like, you know, flour, all purpose flour, buy yourself, do all this stuff. You have your mixer. You can make your own bread. I'm telling you can freeze that stuff, man. Save your money. Warning. We are shrooms. We are shrooms. You're on troops for this show. Just so everybody knows. So they're wondering why we're talking about toast shrooms are involved. That sounds like fucking like you ever, you ever played silent Hill. Yes. Yes. Warning. This show is on shrooms. Okay. You're going to sit here and tell me that the pyramid person with the big ass knife and silent Hill wasn't on shrooms. No, dude. I mean, come on. There's arguments made of how many lots of people could have been on shrooms. You know, you know what I mean? Most people are on shrooms. They're just not telling you about it until today. Right. Absolutely. Like I could be on shrooms right now. You just would never know it. That's fair. Maybe it's possible that we're both on shrooms right at this very moment. It's not. It's not. Why? Otherwise you would have said so. But what I well, I mean, it would have made sense unless it's some kind of like fucking like Mandala effect that's happening on short term memory loss. But I don't think that's the case here. I mean, here's the thing. The reason that I take shrooms and the reason that I smoke weed is medicinal. I have really bad ADD and I refuse to take Adderall and Ritalin and stuff. And so I do that. And it helps me focus. And when I get into it, like I'll come into my little cave, as my old lady won't say. And I'll take these raw materials and come out with this like shining bright samurai sword. I have no fucking idea what I'm talking about. I'm just going to go ahead and just talk about it. I don't have any clue how I do it. I think I learned it from somewhere else. I'm just making this shit up as long as I go. But it's cool.

01:03:31 Peezy Damn, man. That's the way to go though. That's the way to do it, yo. And you keep making it up. But look where that's got you. All the stuff you've made up. You've made up. You know, you got these two shows. You got you're doing all this cool shit.

01:03:42 Rodney Lienhart Yo, what's the future looking like for Deliciously Dope TV? More toast. More toast. Well, I mean, you know, but that's the thing. Like what if that was infused butter? Like that's a damn good piece of toast, right? You know, and that's the thing. My lady being a warrior. She is. She really is. Like she's literally the strongest woman I know in the world. Period. She beats me up constantly. But at the same time, like at the same I wasn't trying to joke at that. That actually does happen in certain parts of the world. And I apologize. But at the same time, like, you know, I'm just I'm joking about my current situation. I she's she's the best. She really is. And she's a beast, too. She does a lot of the baking, you know, so that bread 100 percent her. You know, like I was I we worked on it together, but no, she's the one dude. She was cranking it out today. I mean, it's dope as hell. You know, I'll probably go upstairs and make BLTs for dinner, you know, because that's shot the fuck. Oh, but wait a second. He was talking some shit about toast, weren't you? That's what I thought. So now you know, but you add the bacon, the lettuce and the tomatoes in a toast. And now the question is, why did you take it away to begin with? There's so much you can do with toast. I didn't want to be taken away. You got you. You knew I would just going to have to OK. And that and since I did, but like what insane. OK, actually, I do need a lot of toast. That explains a lot of things. The point is BLTs are delicious.

01:05:12 Peezy These are delicious. 100 percent. BLTs are the shit. So, dude, I get it. No, let's we got we got a lot of big things in store. You guys got to stay tuned. We got a lot of stuff that me and Ronnie are working on. We're trying to put together all kind of cool shit for you all. Maybe a network. We're working on a lot of things behind the scenes. We're trying to put a lot of stuff together.

01:05:36 Rodney Lienhart And it's it's it's going to be really cool once everything comes together. So you guys got to stay tuned. We got we got a lot of work to do. Oh, it's it's a lot of work already. You know, it's it's it's compounding even even more. So it's you know, I find if you want to find see something in the world, if you look close enough, you're not going to find it. That's the truth. And just accepting, you know, this and accepting that that makes everything boring. There's no flavor in that. It's lost its gusto over time, you know, with the world changing. And I felt that if you don't find what you want in the world, fucking make it, you know. And so that's why I align with certain people. I mean, it's not a selfish thing, you know, to, you know, take care of yourself and do good and learn something and not apply it. Especially when, like the things that I'm doing, I'm enjoying and they're entertaining and it's cool. And there's a bunch of life life lessons, you know, peppered like fuck along the way, you know, either way.

01:06:37 Peezy It's going to be insightful and entertaining. I love it. You know, very straightforward. Yeah, yeah, listen, man, I appreciate you coming on the show. It's been such a pleasure talking to you, dude. You guys got to stay to me and Rodney cooking up some dope shit. Make sure you follow deliciously. Dope TV on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, all that shit. Make sure you guys give them a follow and support the cause. My man. Appreciate you giving me the time tonight. Thanks for having me on, man. That's just fucking hype and shit. Hell yeah. I'm going to do it again. Let's do it again. Let's do it again. You let me know. We'll come back on and we'll do shrooms. Yes. Yes. Right. Let's do them right here in the air. Fuck it. Fuck it. Well, I can't now. We'll do it again. We'll do it again. Not now, but next time. All right, man. Thanks for coming on, brother. To be but that was the most insightful interview of all time. For sure. My man just blew my mind would have that shit. That's how we do here on to be. But you guys already know. Thank you for tuning in and hanging out with us on this special 6 p.m. Start time. If you guys like the 6 p.m. time slot, let me know and we'll keep it. We're going to try it out. Make sure you guys like follow subscribe us. Follow us on all platforms. YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, all that shit. We are at to be one podcast on all platforms. The number two B E B L U N T podcast. And you can also check us out at to be blood podcast dot com for all the latest and greatest things when it comes to to be what? What? And yeah, I'm fucking that blood of mylar. Oh, gee, was absolutely fire. Shout out my man. Rexy. Shout out, Donna. Shout out awkward ginger. Everybody who is tuned in all the new faces tonight. Lucy, Kristen, Waylon, everyone. I appreciate all y'all hanging out. So it's been fucking dope. And you guys already know we'll be back next week. We're only two weeks away, right? Two weeks away from 420 two episodes. We see where we at. Next Thursday with a following Thursdays 420. So stay tuned. Big announcements for that big episode planned. It's about to go down. We'll see you next week. Same we time. Same weed channel. I just hit myself on the face that shit to be blunt. Yeah. Yeah.