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March 17, 2021

OnlyFans Smokin' OnlyGrams

OnlyFans Smokin' OnlyGrams

  • It’s march, and you know what that means! MARCH MADNESS IS UPON US here at 2 be blunt as we kick off round 1 of our you laugh you lose tournament!
  • Skip Stone from Stashlogix joins us to talk their brand of smell proof stash boxes and bags that we will be giving to the winner of the tournament
  • The 2 be blunt onlyfans page is up and running! Last week we talked about the california teacher getting shit for having an onlyfans...well this week we’re bringing in the big guns to discuss this more! An OnlyFans top 3% CREATOR known as babysunshine420 will be joining us live tonight to talk the story, life as an OF creator, and hopefully give us some tips on how to make ours successful!

The Laughs Are NON STOP!


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