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April 23, 2021

Happy Birthday, Scott

Happy Birthday, Scott

  • It’s April Fool’s Day! We want to know what your great april fools prank of all time was! Call in and let us know! At the end of the show the audience will choose who they think has the greatest prank of all time! Winner gets a Smokers Box from The hemper company filled with smoking supplies to get you high!
  • TikTok has been fuckin’ with me and a lot of other creators! We’re going to be talkin’ the double standard on the app and what it means for the small creators trying to come up!
  • Last week we talked to cody and kevin of the high council to talk about the big launch happening tomorrow...well tonight we bring in the members of the high council to play an OG game here on 2 be blunt, WORDS WITH WEED!
  • Did the scott defeat last years stump the bump champion this week on the wwe network? We’ll find out more on that tonight! One thing is for sure...it’s THE SCOTT’s BIRTHDAY!

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