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April 24, 2020

Episode 41: Wait...What Episode Is It?

Episode 41: Wait...What Episode Is It?
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ITS THE OFFICIAL WEEK OF 420! You know we had to go in with a bang. We load up 2 king palms on week 3 of our 420 series...1 with sweet tooth and the other with gorilla glue! We're joined by Lokee Vapes (www.lokeevape.com) owner Mike as we talk his line of vape batteries, smoke out, and play stump the scott for a chance tow in free lokee products! Peezy and Frank get higher than ever while The Scott looks on in disbelief as they talk viral news and sports. The Scott talks Pro Wrestling, and Peezy discusses his first few weeks learning how to be a DJ during quarantine. The laughs are non stop each and every thursday at 6pm ET LIVE on www.2bebluntpodcast.com, FB Live/Youtube/Twitter/Twitch (@2BeBluntPodcast)
We're also live every week audio only exclusively on www.rtfsportsnetwork.com