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Feb. 19, 2021

And The Pizza King Is...

And The Pizza King Is...

We’re fresh off the superbowl! Is tom brady really the goat? What was our favorite part of the superbow? More on that later!

Valentines day is this sunday! Callers let us know they're favorite song that gets them in the mood, and we’re going to create a spotify playlist for everyone to share!

Is the internet changing our world as we know it? Cancel culture is running wild! They’re not just cancelling though, they’re using their power to bring stuff back..including mcdonalds ORANGE HI C!

Craigslist Price is RIght is back! We had no winners last week, and we felt we needed a decisive winner! Find out who will walk away with a 2 be blunt t shirt and a smokers supply box from king palm!

Dave Portnoy of barstool sports declares new haven Ct the pizza capitol! We’re going to findout tonight if he’s right when The Scott does his own one bite contest! The laughs are non stop!

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