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May 26, 2021

39 Weeks Deep

39 Weeks Deep

  • We are less than one week from Baby Peezy being born, so tonight we’re dedicating this show to you guys!
  • Joining us later in the show are rapid dave and allen of the strikeout beer podcast lead members of a brand new community called streamers helping streamers. This is THE segment for anyone who’s an up and coming streamer or maybe be looking to build their twitch or fb gaming page up. 
  • We’re also opening up the phone lines in our first every AMA session where you can ask myself or the scott any question you’d like! Nothing is off the table. It’s NO HOLDS BARRED!
  • The Roulette wheel is back! Spin the wheel, play the game it lands on, and win a smokers supply box courtesy of 2 be blunt and the hippie butler company. WInner of this gets not only 2 be blunt stickers, not only smoking supplies (give examples), but also a mini glass bong!

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